A message about COVID-19

from CEO Mark D. Sandridge

March 16, 2020

To our valued customers:

As we continue to stay on top of events surrounding COVID-19, please know that we recognize the important role and responsibility we play in protecting our associates, as well as in providing safe, wholesome food for our customers and end users.

Our Associates

Our employees are our most valued asset. Helping them stay healthy is our utmost priority. To date, we have:

  • Adopted strict monitoring of employees and food safety procedures to help mitigate the chances of an internal infection
  • Conducted mandatory Covid-19 People Safety training for all associates
  • Installed additional sanitizing stations in all entry and high traffic areas
  • Postponed all travel in all departments
    • Instituted a 14 day self-quarantine for all employees who have travelled
  • Provided options for employees to take thermal temperature readings
  • Instituted flexible work from home schedules for employees who are either ill or have child-care issues due to school closings
  • Social distancing procedures are being adopted throughout our organization

Our Facilities

Food safety has always been at the heart of what we do as we pride ourselves in being SQF certified facilities. This includes our hospital quality air filtration systems, plant entry sanitation and heat treatment steps to eliminate pathogens. Food Safety is top of mind in everything we do, every day.  We have:

  • Heightened GMPs (Good Manufacturing Processes) on all production lines
  • Risk mitigation plans by production line to reduce potential exposure
  • Increased sanitation frequency throughout our facilities
  • Postponed outside visits to our facility

Our Customers

We recognize the impact this situation has had on our customers, end users, and consumers. We are committed to continue to provide safe, great quality food.  To drive these efforts, we have:

  • Altered our staffing plan and production schedule, on a daily basis, to address the dynamic changes in orders, deliveries, and product mix
  • Updated inventory of ingredients and packaging to manage the shifts in production
  • We are keeping lines of communication open to ensure we at Sandridge are planning properly for your current and future orders

We encourage you to visit the CDC’s website for up-to-date information on how to keep your family and yourself safe. Sandridge Food Corporation will continue to focus on keeping our associates healthy—and our customers stocked—during this difficult time.

Mark Signature 2

Mark D. Sandridge
CEO – Sandridge Food Corporation