Grandma’s Original Recipes Pasta Salads

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Grandma’s Original Recipes are the taste of family celebrations, of someone who prepared something special for you.

A Recipe For Grab-and-Go Success

Give customers grab-and-go convenience, safe choices and dependable quality with three delectable Grandma’s® Original Recipes pasta salads.

No Contact Satefy Promise
Untouched by human hands after manufacturing for consumer safety. Learn More

Handmade Quality
Fresh ingredients. The taste of grandma’s cooking.

More Operator Benefits

  • 21-day shelf life minimum guarantee to reduce shrink
  • Ready for use in online ordering and curbside pickup applications at store level
  • Perfect pairings: cross-promote or serve with grilled entrées, baked chicken, fish, burgers or sandwiches
  • Great for cross-merchandising with other departments